Adding AArch64 (arm64) architecture to backports

The raspberry project has recently released a 64-bit operating system.

Then I decided to build MPD backports for this new architecture as well.

But only Pi 3/4 and Pi Zero 2 boards support this new operating system. Then I’ll try to maintain armhf builds to support Pi 1/2 which are still useful for many use cases and more than enough to run MPD as well :)

As mentioned in the worth reading article, “ The new, 64-bit operating system doesn’t use software from the Raspbian project at all, instead taking its “userland,” the part of the OS that floats above the Kernel, from Debian arm64. ”

Then I’ll expose arm64 build within debian namespace instead of the raspbian namespace used so far for armhf builds. It means you can use regular debian-backports from to install backports on 64-bit arm64 Raspberry Pi OS:

For 32-bit armhf architecture use rapsbian backports:

Please see for the exact content of the source list and its setup.

To identify the current system architecture run: dpkg --print-architecture.

Any comment, advise, feed back, help are welcome :)