MPD_sima 0.18.0

MPD_sima v0.18.0 is available. The package is available on and tagged 0.18.0 in git:

pip install MPD-sima==0.18.0
# Or from git
pip install git+

Please report issue on gitlab:

Main changes

Changes since 0.16:

  • New offline autoqueue plugin genre based on file genre tags only
  • Major changes in CLI (simadb_cli command removed)
  • Add abstract unix socket support
  • Support socket timeout, behave better on connection lost (require python-musicpd >= 0.7.0)
  • Major internal refactoring around database, old database dropped!

Cf. Changelog for the complete list.

New plugin Genre

This plugin permits offline auto-queuing based on files genre tag only.
It will try to queue tracks with similar genres (track’s genre being read from tags).

internal = Crop, Genre, Random
history_duration = 8

queue_mode = track
track_to_add = 1

Fore more please see mpd_sima.cfg (5) (select 0.18.0 version).

Change in CLI

simadb_cli command was merged as mpd-sima command as positional argument:

mpd-sima [bl-view|bl-add-artist|bl-add-track|bl-delete]

New commands also:

mpd-sima [config-test|create-db|generate-config|purge-history]

Please see manual for more mpd-sima (1) (select 0.18.0 version).

New database

The internal SQLite database has been refactored (new schema, new code).
The internal database stores play history (limited to 30 days) and potential users blocklists (artists, albums, tracks).

There are no migration ensured when upgrading to v0.18.0. Then if you had set some blocklists in the database you won’t have them in the new version.

New documentation

A new documentation is available as html (sphinx behind):
This is a work in progress and it is not exhaustive then.

Happy listening 🎶!