MPD_sima 0.16.1

MPD_sima v0.16.1 is available.

The package is available on and tagged 0.16.1 in git:

pip install MPD-sima==0.16.1
# Or from git
pip install git+

Main changes

For changes in 0.16.0 look at the previous post.

With 0.16.1 there were some important internal plumbing changes in the plugin system, but no major changes from the user point of view, hence the point release.

These changes allow to share some logic/code between and tags plugin (searching/fetching artists/albums). Then the tags plugin introduced in 0.16.0 can now queue whole album instead of single tracks.

Now to listen to the last 30 years of hardcore albums in your music library:

queue_mode = album
genre = Hardcore
filter = (date =~ '(199[0-9]+|20[0-9]+)')
album_to_add = 2

Please report issue on gitlab:

Happy listening