Bug in MPD 0.22.3-1~bpo10+1

The latest package for MPD v0.22.3, buster backport 0.22.3-1~bpo10+1 is bugged. The process cannot write the PID file to the location defined in the config.

The bug is due to a missing systemd tempfile config I failed to ship in the package when I backported 0.22.3 to Debian/Buster.

A fix is available in deb.kaliko.me.

apt update
# check the package is available, should be 0.22.3-1~bpo10+2
apt policy mpd
# install
apt install mpd=0.22.3-1~bpo10+2

Alternatively you can download the package and run apt install ./<package>.deb :

Special thanks to the user who reported the issue :) and sorry for the inconvenience.

Happy Listening!

page last updated: Mon 07 Dec 2020