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MPD_sima is an non interactive MPD autoqueue client running in the background. It will queue new tracks chosen among artists similar to your current queued tracks, provided a title is found in your music library.

Similar artists are fetched from

This client allows you to never run out of music when your queue is getting short.

Disclaimer: MPD_sima behaves better when your music library exposes MusicBrainz ID.
Please tag your file with MusicBrainz ID, Picard is a user friendly application to do it, Beets is also a neat application for that.

The project



The easiest and the cleanest, is, IMHO, to run a python virtual environment.
Python packages are available on PyPi. Installing within a virtualenv is easy then:

# create venv
python3 -m venv mpd_sima-venv
. ./mpd_sima-venv/bin/activate
pip install MPD_sima
mpd-sima --help

Distribution packages

Packages might be available for your distribution, I’m only aware of Debian and Arch AUR.


A docker image might be up to date:

docker pull kaliko/sima

Please refer to documentation and dockerfile for configuration.

page last updated: Sat 04 Dec 2021